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The hormone that allows you to say, by text, what you don't have the balls to say in person or on the phone.
Textosterone levels surging , the angry man's message was venomous and pointed.
by krotys July 23, 2008
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1)When a dude sends you a threatening message via text, but then wimps out and won't say anything to you face to face.

2)The hormone that flows through one's body when sending such a ridiculous text.

Also see: Telephone Tough Guy Circ.1938
Joey sent me a text message today saying "I better give him money for the weed we smoked last night." I was going to kick him in the face, but then he apologized, and he gave me more weed. I guess he was just full of "Textosterone" when he wrote me that text message.
by Tonytoys April 25, 2012
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quality that allows inveterate texters to carry on texting regardless of outside distractions including road traffic,
impending War , whilst driving,and even conversation with the person next to them...
that Tour De France winner was so nonchalant, so far out in front he texted back to the peleton just to piss them off ,he tested positive for high levels of textosterone..
by chris morrell July 16, 2007
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Textosterone (noun): A hormone that drives a person to write unnecessary text on social media. A prime cause of trolling.
Yesterday, I trolled almost every celebrity on Twitter because I was high on Textosterone.
by Akkii May 20, 2018
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A hormone found in varying levels in both genders of the human species. Typically, in men, it causes them to send aggressive and or ballsy text messages in an attempt to get a girl to date them. In women, it results in massive text-messaging, and, in rare cases, a textosterone storm, where they send text messages faster than you can read them, much less reply.
Girl #1: Omigod, so, yesterday, I put my phone down on the counter, and when I got back like five seconds later, I had 23 text messages from Jane
Girl #2: Yeah, I know, that girl has way too much textosterone.
by Lun4ticBeast March 18, 2010
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The act of sounding like a brainless jock while texting; a guy that has more testosterone than brain cells and shows that in texts.

Text 1: ilcu2ntek
Text 2: Okay
Text 1: b3 redib1ch
by Beckahness November 14, 2007
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The use of over agressive text messaging to win over a girls love and attention.
" Stop text messaging me at work so much, Im busy! Are you full of textosterone or something?"
by nvcguy October 28, 2008
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