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A politician or other wealthy person with influence. Called such because the vast majority of politicians and powerful people in the USA are old, white men.
In what some political observers are calling his most ironic speech of the 2008 campaign, GOP presidential nominee John McCain today lashed out at Washington, the Republican Party that he called an "old white man with white hair."
by chigu September 19, 2008
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When a fan of a franchise makes a list of actors they would like to see in a movie based on the franchise. Usually specifically refers to a type of threads found on internet forums. The threads will be tagged or labelled "Fancast <franchise>: Who would you cast?" or something similar.
"How would you cast Justice League Dark? I should make a fancast thread to see what the forum thinks."
"Okay, let's fancast an Innistrad movie. I'll start..."
by chigu November 20, 2017
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