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When a fan of a franchise makes a list of actors they would like to see in a movie based on the franchise. Usually specifically refers to a type of threads found on internet forums. The threads will be tagged or labelled "Fancast <franchise>: Who would you cast?" or something similar.
"How would you cast Justice League Dark? I should make a fancast thread to see what the forum thinks."
"Okay, let's fancast an Innistrad movie. I'll start..."
by chigu November 20, 2017
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With Fancast, you can watch the hits CSI: Miami, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, and plenty of other full-length TV series. You can also check out the latest movie trailers, clips, photos, news and reviews. And you can search for any movie and TV-related info you absolutely need at that moment.
by Fancast Fan August 25, 2009
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