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The pungent goo that tends to slowly leak from ones anus throughout the day when that day started with a morning defecation.
I should have showered after I crapped, because now I have doo doo butter running down my crack!

I know a wiped good, but I'm sure that doo doo butter is going to leave a trail in my pants.
by Chicken Head March 15, 2004

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A kudos member and man lover who lives at the boatyard!
Boatyard is known throughout the local gay community for picking up les dawson look alikes in kudos, once snared he takes them back to the boatyard! it has been said he then bowls a strike in cadbury alley, followed by a good old dinner mash!
by Chicken head November 28, 2003

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A person that leaves drops of urine or streaks of defecation on or around a toilet seat. The mystery of this person is that he or she does not claim their "artwork" and instead leaves it for the next potty-goer to notice.
When I went to the office bathroom, I was alarmed to find that the boggling bowl movement maker had struck again and left a poo streak on the toilet seat for me to sit in.
by Chicken Head June 09, 2004

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A dirty hoe with a sweet side.
Laura is such a trollop, but she did bring doughnuts in for the whole office. I guess she's a crumbly, hoe cake.
by Chicken Head March 11, 2004

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the place wouldnt be so bad, but surly fuckin lives there. so it pretty much sucks hella dick.
surly is a bitch ass hoe, and she lives in santa clara.
by chicken head October 27, 2003

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