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the largest ass to ever appear in history, excess junk in the trunk, the product of too much gymnastics and ice cream, ghetto booty
emily's ass is simply astounding
by chantelle May 07, 2005

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Lawdy, meaning "lord".
"Oh lawdy, that bitch is fine"
by chantelle March 09, 2005

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another term for 'camel toe'

oh man - that chick should not be wearing lycra - she's got some serious clitoris cleavage
by Chantelle November 13, 2007

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Northern England definition: To offend someone.
"What are you on about, you ding?"
by Chantelle August 07, 2003

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a Russian trance/techno band
I just got the new PPK album
by Chantelle January 05, 2007

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(n.) a person who has dyed his or her hair black (see bottle blonde). The term comes from the fact that hair dye comes in bottles.
She's a bottle black, but her hair is still pretty.
by Chantelle February 10, 2005

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origins dating back to the fo shizzle era - to be trashed,wasted,blotto, intoxicated,shizenface-ted,inebriated, smashed,drunk,wasted etc
You should have seen Lil the other night...she was so faschnickered she thought her name was h-o-ttt
by Chantelle January 31, 2005

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