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Bunts road, the famous street in Lakewood, OH. Called a road but really more of a street, fairly urban in character. Turns into West 140th street when you take it south into Cleveland.
Giel is east of Bunts. Hathaway is between Giel and Bunts. The two supermarkets are at Bunts and Detroit.
by cazort October 30, 2003

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The best card in the deck. He is eating a popsicle.
But then he played the jackofspades.
by cazort November 12, 2003

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(1) A move in the board game Go that does require a direct response from the opponent and can be safely ignored.
(2) An action or move in a game or in a real-life adversarial situation that fills the same role: it does not require a response, and can be ignored.
You should have a very good reason for making a gotei move.
by cazort September 15, 2003

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A walkable neighborhood in Cleveland Heights on Coventry rd, featuring cute independent storefronts, a rich history and culture, and the #7, #9, and #821 RTA buses. A favorite hangout place for teens cutting school, coventry has become more upscale and the higher rents are driving out some of the independent businesses.
Let's go to coventry tonight.
by cazort March 31, 2004

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A black mage in the original final fantasy game for Nintendo. Also the name of a car dealership in Berea, OH.
When fighting Kary for the second time, I have Toth use ICE3, and it usually puts Kary out of commission pretty quickly.
by cazort November 12, 2003

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RTFB: An acronym for "(R)ide (T)he (B)us". You can tell your mother/teachers that the F stands for "fast", because we all know the bus is so fast.
You wanna know the best way downtown from here? Just RTFB.
by cazort September 09, 2003

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Cleveland. Cleveland IS the forest city.
I live in the forest city.
by cazort November 12, 2003

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