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A photo taken at a close and improbable angle that looks nothing like the person yet exactly like every photo the person has taken with it.
"This is Me"
"You're so hottt"
*they meet in person*
"...Who are you?"
by Cathy March 25, 2005

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Warm physical closeness that enables passion and desrie to run through.. or to express happyness or empathy
SHe was so depresses, she needed a hug,
by Cathy August 16, 2003

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Sup Boo,
I need to talk to you!

w/b soon
by Cathy April 12, 2004

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the one who helps you bury the body
*police finds out*
"yo, man..it was my friend!"
by cathy June 12, 2003

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1.all of you
Originates from the Southwestern part of Pennsylvania
Do younze guys wanna go get something to eat?
by Cathy March 18, 2003

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A state of advanced irritation and/or crankiness.
I'm already ibble about rush hour traffic, don't make it worse by cutting me off.
by Cathy January 27, 2004

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Fabio: Do you want to have sex
Me; en tu mente loca
by Cathy April 12, 2004

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