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1. anyone who has let a person into their life, heart, etc. who has royally fucked their shit up _ and now has a cold,bitter,playa heart for any new relationship

2. to be emotionally-raped so badly that the free world must pay for the afflicted persons pain; all new prospects will undoubtedly suffer.

3. When you can't forgive or trust anyone (even the smallest injustice)

4. To shut out anyone you might actually have a shot with due to past hurts and/or past mistakes

5. Being alone for the rest of your life

M: -That guy over there has something special going on
E: -Dont go there. He's once bitten forever shy
M: -Damn...that's such a shame, he looks like a real keeper
E: -Dont hold your breath my friend
by casualobserver December 1, 2013
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Located in idyllic East Lansing Michigan, Michigan State University (MSU) is the State of Michigan's largest academic institution with a single campus enrollment of 45,000 students - making it the fifth largest single campus university in America. In terms of total acreage MSU the second largest of America's universities at 5,200 acres.

Michigan State has over 150 undergraduate degrees in which to choose from. Many of which are ranked in the top 25 nationally and some ranked #1. The mean grade point averages for an incoming freshman is 3.55, with an ACT score of 25.

Michigan State is always located on a list of America's most beautiful campuses. With the peaceful Red Cedar River flowing directly through the heart of campus along with numerous gardens and fountains one is never far away from natural beauty. MSU is home to the largest dormatory population in the nation, however some students choose to live in lively downtown East Lansing.

Michigan State is NCAA Division 1A, belonging to the Big Ten conference. Michigan State is one of only a few schools to win national titles in basketball and football, and the ONLY school to win a national title in all three "money sports" (football, basketball, hockey). Colors are Green (forest green) and White. Rivals include: 1) University of Michigan, 2) Notre Dame, 3) Ohio State / Penn State. Mascot is the Spartan. Logo is a green block S against a white background.

Misc facts:
-There are more Michigan State University graduates living in Michigan than any other college or university
-Michigan State was founded in 1855
-MSU was the first Big Ten school to wear "winged-helmets," later made popular by the University of Michigan.
-With the exception of Ohio State no other Big Ten University has won more national football titles in the modern era than MSU.
-Malcolm X and Magic Johnson are among the many famous MSU graduates
-MSU students are known for being good natured, friendly, and personable.
-MSU is the ONLY university in North America to have three different medical schools. (MD, DO, VM)
-The MSU band was recently voted one of the top three college marching bands in the nation in a nation-wide poll of directors.
-Michigan State was the first land grant college in the nation.
I can't believe I got into Michigan State! Their communications program is the best in the nation!!
by casualobserver October 12, 2005
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