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The perpetuator of Ass Kicking
"Lo PLan kicked my ass so hard, I'll never go back to China."
by Cappy March 23, 2004
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See. Ninja all of these same rules apply, but you must add in addition to that STYLE. Funk Ninjas seem lazy to the naked eye, but one must look past the stupid exterior to the particularly crafty and imaginitive inner core. Above all else a true Funk Ninja can create or call Shaft style music to his aid at any given time. Funk Ninjas excel above the rest, currently there is only one True Funk Ninja.
*catches hand in mid swing* "Holy god you are a ninja" *supposed ninja flips backwards, Shaft music blares in the brief seconds he is visible all stops when he leaves* "damn...that was THE FUNK NINJA!"
by Cappy February 13, 2003
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The biggest newb ever in the history of newbs. He is one you would compare others against, especially girls.
"Damnit McGee stop steppin on my shoes!"
by Cappy February 13, 2003
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Stoned, Wasted, Boxed, Mashed
I went round Ferret's house last night and got wankered on his bong
by cappy May 23, 2003
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female derivation of asshole
Jessica went behind my back and slept with my man. What an assholina.
by Cappy June 28, 2004
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previously not mentioned is her good point. She has the Funk Dadde as a brother.
Deriving mass power from her brother she is known to be somewhat the "baller"
by cappy February 15, 2003
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Someones mother(usually a friends) who is a real hoochie and gives out sexual favours(usually to childrens friends)
Just got serviced by your hoochie momma, mate.
by Cappy September 19, 2003
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