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Essential workers that are so badass and fearless they are viewed by society as having a fucking legendary and almost mythical status. Someone who never surrenders, backs down, or calls in sick despite the danger.
JerDawg is totally the essentialist of the essential. He's so badass and fearless that even the gangsters in his neighborhood are forced to show respect!
by calling them out April 20, 2020
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1. The act of advising a person/persons (usually of a one way selfish nature) that their actions and/or lack of actions are perceived by the mainstream of society as being douchey. 2. Doing the lords work.....well sort of??!!!
Can you believe how obnoxious and selfish those douchebags are acting? I pray to god someone starts calling them out on it!
by calling them out April 27, 2020
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To scam the system or do as little as possible while collecting a full paycheck. The opposite of a team player.
Can you believe how Cyle is always "smithing it" and pretending he is hurt so we do all of the work? He's as bad as that Kristina girl.
by calling them out May 12, 2020
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