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also the best instrument there is :)
i play the cello
by cElLo+cat= mY lIFe June 25, 2020
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instruments that are often given the backing part as they are too good/powerful to play the melody. Plz its for you own safety that you don't hear how good we actually are...

I'm not biased but... cello players are hot.
e.g. me :)
stupid person: cellos are BAD instruments!
even stupider person: what's a cellist
An intellectual: a big violin
by cElLo+cat= mY lIFe December 25, 2022
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the best singer who womanised me so hard i'm a transwoman :)
Person 1:i need to get somewhere but google says it will take 10 mins and i need to be there in 5!
Person 2 (the better one) : don't worry just listen to Britney spears and walk... you'll be there in 2 mins !!!
by cElLo+cat= mY lIFe December 25, 2022
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usually defined as a flowing body of water.
This person is often slippery like team rocket evading Ash Ketchum and their life is often as eventful as the show Riverdale!
A)Have u heard that river has a new partner?
B)NO I haven't I really need to watch the new episode of Riverdale!
A)ye catching up with river is always eventful...
by cElLo+cat= mY lIFe December 26, 2022
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