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A guy (or girl) who hops from bush to bush.
Watch out for him. That guy is such a bush kangaroo.
by C-note September 22, 2003
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ADJ./N. See Towel Head, Dune Coo or Apu
Damn Camel Jockey down at the 7-11 stinks like curry!
by c-note January 31, 2005
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Synonymous with dick, cock, and schlong. Popular in the 4th through 6th grade, before children begin to use the four letter words.
Ms. Smith can pull on my penal cord if she thinks I am going to do my homework.
by C-Note April 24, 2004
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1.Term used to describe the ungodly discomfort, mental and physical associated with the results of not thoroughly wiping your baloon knot; also a result of being overambitious while wiping your your tar star leading to the irritation of a roid
2.residue from a shart that leads to irritation of the dark star
3. a terd that gnaws at your anus wall
4. see also peanut, splinter
Josh, I have taken four shits today and I can't get rid of this termite that is gnawing on my corn!

This termite is trying to burrow its way back inside me!

Cory really wanted to hook up with Jill, but due to the termite in his anus, had to run home and wipe again.
by c-note February 03, 2005
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The state of being extremely high.
Being high so as to loose awareness of your surroundings and motor skills and general delirium.
1. Oh shit, I am in the chicken coop.
2. This shit will get you in the chicken coop (referring to reefer).
by C-note October 24, 2004
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