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Sexual position involving a girl, two guys, and simultaneous handjobs. The men are standing either side whilst the girl is kneeling and holding the mens penises like she is riding a chopper. Money shot optional. Smile mandatory!
A demonstration of the "easy rider" position can be seen in many adult movies and magazines, particularly near the end.
by bunsen burner January 16, 2006
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In the spirit of the English Chav. "Chads" hang out at shopping malls and wear the latest fashions no matter how ridiculous they look. At the time of writing this a "Chad" would be hanging at "Chad Central" (Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne), or any other suburban Australian shopping mall wearing skin tight denim cut off jeans rolled up above the legs, white Havainian thongs, a pink, lemon, or peach t-shirt, and sporting a Duran Duran haircut.
Just go to Chad Central (Chadstone shopping centre) and look around.
by bunsen burner April 08, 2007
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A prototype of Bono (the vocalist from U2) but with less money, less ego, but the same stupid ideals about saving the world with someone else's money.

A person who thinks that 1st world capitalism is the sole fault for 3rd world poverty and thinks rich people should give up all their money to build infrastructure for the 3rd world - whilst they are sitting in front of their TV with DVD player eating mcDonalds whilst the dishwasher is doing the dishes.
examples of bonotypes are Sean Penn, Bob Geldof, infact most actors and musicians, plenty of teachers, and academics who hide from the real world by spending their life at university.
by bunsen burner January 30, 2006
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