11 definitions by bruhv

Baylen Levine: wow is that Mr Khan????
Noah: oh yes he is so sexy! Hes the sexiest man alive!!
by bruhv March 22, 2019
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Bruh 1: "Dude look its challen"
Bruh 2: "Bruh Moment Challen is so epic!
by bruhv November 26, 2018
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A person who wears the same shirt every friday.
Troy: Hey Friday Man!

Dylan: haha I guess im friday man cause i wear the same shirt every friday!
by bruhv March 25, 2019
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The act of making the shrek face
PJ: dude what face is that guy making?
SSB: the sherk face you idiot
by bruhv August 5, 2019
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A Georgia Watermelon is the complete opposite of a Georgia Peach. Sometimes also spelled as Jawga Watermelon
Daniel: Man i just wanna meet a georgia peach tonight!
Larson: Look theres a georgia watermelon! Go talk to her
by bruhv December 26, 2022
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A sentence graffitied on signs and under a bridge around the Souderton, Pennsylvania area.
Guy 1: hey have you seen ive been wet since tuesday on the sign in souderton?
Guy 2: yeah it just appeared there one day its crazy
by bruhv March 29, 2019
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When you combine a kid with the last name of Clegg with Peter Griffin.
Guy 1: "haha Hey look its Peter Clegg!"
Peter Clegg: "hey my real name is jared clegg!"
Guy 2: "Haha i get it you combined his name with peter griffin!"
by bruhv March 21, 2019
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