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Warp records. Short for WE ARE REASONABLE PEOPLE. World's most respected and loved electronic and experimental dance labels. After many years in Sheffield, they are now based in London.
Many Warp releases were licensed to record labels outside the UK.
by bro4e January 27, 2009

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Hard to be taken as music genre but definately an interesting way of making sounds - with everything you can think of - from glass or rubber, to dozens of little devices and modulators.
We were at a Justice Yeldham live last night - quite a nasty noize artist!
by bro4e July 10, 2008

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the two spheres which make women a whole separate species (except the size of brain)
Our customers prefer women than people, because of the boobs ...
by bro4e July 07, 2006

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One of the founders of tishina netlabel along with. Ex-member of the REMURDER crew in Bulgaria. Producer of ragga-jungle, drill'n'bass, idm and ambient. Also a web-designer, graffiti and street-art-ist. Member of the GAC Sofia.
Tishina is a free net label, releasing the work of artists... Artwork is made by Y370.
by bro4e February 11, 2009

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the easiest for brain-assimilating drum n bass style.
annoying repeating monotone energyless sounds with trivial beats.
usually listened by basers, metamphetamine users, dumb-ass dj's, wannabe-stars, running stoners...

by bro4e November 15, 2006

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In Bulgarian, it means someone who is very predictable, boring and stupid. Also related to the English word baloon.
Eh, calm down, baler!
by bro4e May 09, 2006

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Tishina is a free net label, releasing the work of artists, experimenting with abstract sound harmonies. The label opens doors for listeners in 2007 year. The concept of compiling unreleased audio materials came up since we found many interesting feelings, put in sound combinations for the first time and left unheard by the audience. The label welcomes artists from all over the planet, willing to make the best of their work, closer to the people. Tishina actually means silence in bulgarian. Therefore, just like sometimes everyone needs silence in the fast and noisy life, the music released is available with the purpose to be the spot, in which to rest in mind. Most of the artists don`t tend to release for labels, but just to give the world something never made before with the aim to achieve more emotions and leave the world of remixing and remaking the same things in new soundings. That`s why we don`t plan to put the most easy-listening materials, that would make the label famous. There are plenty of places in the net where we can find what we need. In here names don`t mean a lot at all. The main purpose is to make it posible for anyone to touch the released uncommersial music. Hoping that in the future the idea of giving more and more of what we love will keep the label running.
Tishina.org is happy to bring to you some warm autumn mood and welcome you to our secret place.
by bro4e February 11, 2009

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