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Merely a made-up word that has many meanings.It is developed by breakcorers, who will claim it means different things every time, so that it can help them weasel out of musical-debate.
Most people though, will tell you Jvob Music is The Drum and Bass, that is Wobbly, and simple, yet amazingly powerfull (if you are not a concieted Anti-Jvobber, of course).
If you like listening to, BreakCore, BreikKur, all sorts of *-Cores, Gabber, or whatever twisted, impossible to dance to, ear-hurting, un-rythmical music, then you probably need to keep listening to that, and not even know the beauty of Jvob.
"Theese Brokoli taste kind of jvobby to me."
"Look at all those Jvobbers, Jvobbing out at the Jvob-Fest."
by TheKnownOne December 04, 2006
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A meaningless word invented by Bulgarian Drum'n'Bass haters who listen to breakcore and cannot accept the fact that their style is less popular (and as some might also conclude from that, is worse).
"Uuuuuuuu be, Jvoberiiii !!!"
"Don't Look at the Jvobbers... you'll get stupid !"
by All-Knowing-Basser September 06, 2006
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the easiest for brain-assimilating drum n bass style.
annoying repeating monotone energyless sounds with trivial beats.
usually listened by basers, metamphetamine users, dumb-ass dj's, wannabe-stars, running stoners...

by bro4e November 15, 2006
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