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4 definitions by bohits

Derived from the movie "Shallow Hal". A label given to one who consistently overestimates the attractiveness of other people.
Guy 1: "Damn, that girl is smokin'"
Guy 2: "Did you see the buck teeth on that bitch?
Guy 3 to Guy 1: "Shut the fuck up shallow hal"
by bohits January 28, 2004
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Shalt is the material found on a man's taint. It is said to taste like a cross between shit and salt, thus "shalt". The adjective form is "shalty".
Ole girl was gnawing on my taint and got a good dose of my shalt.
by bohits January 28, 2004
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When out at a club or party, it is the time you and your buddies designate to stop being picky and settle on anyone that will hook up with you. Red Alert usually goes into effect about an hour before closing. The results of Red Alert mode have left many with someone who is coyote ugly.
"Hey, dawg, I ain't had no pussy in awhile. It's past 1am; I'm goin' into Red Alert right now!"
by bohits February 2, 2004
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Shut up i wanna fuck, even if it is in front of all these whiny ass divorced bitches. Just put it in my ass right now, Jerry! (From the retarded movie Jerry McGuire)
I asked this blonde girl at the club if she wanted a drink and she said "You had me at hello". I had my dick in her ass before I got the car started.
by bohits January 28, 2004
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