6 definitions by bobo the clown

Geez, you're going to have to wash your whole head after that ass kissing ya friggin' bockophant!
by bobo the clown June 11, 2003
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Sex god from the roman city of "Herculaneum ", this extremeley gorgeous male has a way with the women that can only be mastered by himself. Take no reference to the definition above, lies and deceit will get you no-where.

He is now known for his talent in the great sport of basketball, where no one exceedes his tallent.
by bobo the clown April 4, 2004
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too gay for words to describe
you are so fucking ganoosh
by bobo the clown February 20, 2004
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For the ignorant and lazy that mean to say expensive.
That purse is too spensive.
by bobo the clown May 11, 2003
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That which belongs to tony.
Hey, that's tonyz.
by bobo the clown June 11, 2003
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