20 definitions by bob sometimes

To indulge in anal sex.
"Oh Heather, I see your on the blob again. Any chance you could take your leg off so I can clean your drains?"
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
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Descriptive of an item that is pungently flavoured with cheese.
"By 'eck Ma, these Wotsits are as cheesy as a rapper's cock!"


"I'll have the deep-pan Hawaian please Waitress, with extra pineapple and more cheese than a rapper's cock."
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
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(a) Descriptive of a sexy girl of diminutive proportions who (1) would look extremely attractive in a "school uniform/jailbait" situation and (2) looks like they might be up for it. (similar to a laptop or a throwabout

(b) To "crack one off" while contemplating the above. Named after an early Channel 4 program designed to appeal to paedophiles in which under-12s dressed up and performed pop songs.
Please note: A Minipop should not be confused with a "Krankywank" which is something quite different and totally unacceptable.
(A) "Did you see that Lisa Rogers slutting about on the Big Breakfast? Talk about a minipop!"

(B) Watching Britney's "One More Time" video always caused Gervaise to squeeze off a minipop.
by Bob Sometimes May 31, 2005
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As everyone has said, a scouser is someone from Liverpool. Like all cities, Liverpool has its scum but I have to say they were colourful and well-mannered. When I stayed there in 1991 I witnessed a branch of Dixons being broken into one night but the thieves were all very polite. They wished me good evening as I went past and went to pains to ensure I wasn't hit by any flying glass from the window they were breaking. I felt this was a very nice touch.
"Oh no! Someone has broken my car window and nicked the radio! But at least they swept the broken glass up - They must be a scouser!"
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
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One who pluffs uncontrollably.
"I say! Whats happened in here?"

"It's a rich spectacle and no mistake, but then you see, Douglas is a pluffer!"
by Bob Sometimes March 18, 2005
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Well OBVIOUSLY its a computer but it also means a woman who is sexy but small of stature and can be easily picked up, moved around, etc, during Horizontal Jogging. Damn! There's another word I'll have to define.
"Dave's girlfriend couldn't reach a high shelf without a ladder and a couple of phone books but he felt it was handy to have a laptop in the bedroom."
by Bob Sometimes January 09, 2006
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