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hip-hop battle chess tradition started by the RZA - taking the game back to the streets. no more quiet rooms and boring people: wuchess is played with loud thumpin beats and wu-tang wisdom.
instead of lookin for trouble last weekend my crew played wuchess and learned some things
by bnorton April 20, 2008
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a prodigious drinker, capable of consuming rivers of booze while maintaining sense of humor and desire to pull some good pranks - some say they are extinct.
last summer in Dublin we saw a couple drinkasaurs lure some tourists into a drinking game. nobody ever saw those tourists again...
by bnorton March 15, 2008
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what you're hopin to hear after you take that little lady out drinkin at the japanese place

sake induced pillow talk
i could hear her yellin sake2me through the hotel room walls...
by bnorton March 15, 2008
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