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Vulgar slang used to describe a woman's knickers, or especially a thong.

Hammock : ham·mock n.
A hanging, easily swung length of canvas or heavy netting suspended between two trees or other supports and used as a seat or bed.

Twat : twat n.
Vulgar Slang. The vulva. (in this case, the hammcoked parts are the Labia Majora, or in extreme circumstances Minora too)

A Hammock for the Twat.

"Her twathammock was too thin for such an excitable girl, and soon folded into the abyss"
by bmr May 11, 2004
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A g-String that hammocks a females pretty bits. Quite similar to the banana hammock, except its for a twat.
"Jesus Mikey she had a well smelly twat hammock"
"Sarah have you seen my new twat hammock?"
"Dear Santa, All i want for Christmas is a new silk Twat Hammock"
by Ross Dynamic June 17, 2008
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