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To be dead, floating down a river.

As said by Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales
Mike won't go on a dangerous white water rafting trip due to his fear of a Missouri Boat Ride.
by blessure grave April 25, 2010
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Noun; The annoying last part of a dump that just won't let go.
Joey won't duece it unless he has an entire roll of toilet paper because he predicts an epic cliffhanger.
by Blessure grave March 06, 2010
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Scrotum goggles; to stretch one's scrotum out with both hands and pull down over the eyes of an unsuspecting victim who is sleeping and wake them up and force them to take a bewildered view through your veil of veins.
Jones fell asleep at the party and since the heat and humidity where just right we decided to dress him with scroggles. It was awesome!
by Blessure grave November 19, 2010
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The posture of a hoss while partying.
Bartender: What's up with your friend dude, he's like anti-gravity slumped over.

Patron: Oh that's just his normal hossture.

Bartender: Impresive...
by blessure grave April 22, 2010
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To become a hoss, specifically, to occupy more space as one becomes older. Characterized by a general thickening and/or shortening of the neck along with general physique ballooning. Accelerated by red meat, beer and too much maxing and relaxing. Hossification may be noticed at: high school reunions, family gatherings, annual meetings or any event that brings you into contact with people who you have not seen in awhile.

Note: Hossification does not necessarily entail merely getting fat
Dude did you see Doug at the bar? He has really hossified recently. Two more years and I'd say his hossification is complete.
by blessure grave February 25, 2010
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To relieve oneself of a recently enjoyed alcoholic beverage. Unloading a brew can occur anywhere in an any setting, from a designated location, to an alley, to worse...
Partygoer1: Dude, the line for the port-o-potties is over 10 minutes!
Partygoer2 : Let's just go over there in those trees and unload a brew real quick!
Partygoer1: Word.....
by blessure grave April 22, 2010
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To mean well, but nonetheless habitually engage in various lies, inaccuracies, and half truths surrounding simple answers to low stakes questions. All of this behavior is predomintly driven by the primacy of THC in the life of the offender, coupled with this is a punk rock sensibility. In other words, they are totally roasted....
I understand you need a clear itinerary sir, but one thing you need to know is that Ryan is rather the Stoney Bologna, and this means you could have a much more memorable and free experience, since he has no regard for rules and will
Allow your vacation to create itself in real time like becoming it's own beast!
by Blessure grave March 17, 2010
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