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A number immediately before 70, and immediately after 68.
Usage: Bingo Calling.

"A meal for two with a hairy view - Number 69".
by biznuge November 15, 2012

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the act of remembrence of white dog kak, which seemingly existed only in the early to mid eighties, and as such is remembered only by a single generation that grew up poking such crumbly albino nuggets with sticks.
Does anyone remember white dog kak? why was it white? I've got such kakstalgia for white dog poo.
by biznuge July 14, 2009

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The act of taking work done by party(ies) who have since left your organisation and transforming them from something that works like shit, to something that just about works.
What the fuck kind of drug was he taking when he wrote this fucking code. We're gonna have to do an extensive and costly Unshittening exercise on this tod.
by biznuge May 02, 2017

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The unfounded fear of pooping in public water closets, whatever the state of cleanliness or disrepair.
William was sacred to open his bomb-bay doors on the train as he was pooperstitious...
by biznuge June 13, 2018

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