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The act of trying to summarize or explain a concept or principle to a person who is not going to be able to understand it and/or refuses to try, usually accompanied by the emotion of frustration for the dumbarizer.
I knew I was in for a long afternoon when I was told to dumbarize my presentation on sales projections for that pylon from head office.
by BijoutheCat September 01, 2011
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the fanatical attitude and obsessive-compulsive behaviour in relation to training, gear, watts, supplements and results displayed by Ironman participants and hopefuls; also, describes the individual displaying these traits; related, ironmania, describes the euphoria that results when one ironmanic meets another.
He went on an ironmanic rant after he discovered that shaving his forearms took only 0.8 seconds off his PB for the cycle.

She went ironmanic when her waking heart-rate hit a new low at 42.
by bijouthecat September 19, 2011
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To attempt to summarize a concept, principle, document etc. but, due to one's state of incapacity (eg. intellectual limitation or inebriation), to get the basic points or information completely wrong, thus creating a dummary or dumbary.
Carla managed to dummarize the request for proposals and we missed the deadline. It's going to hit the fan.
by BijoutheCat September 01, 2011
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