Derived from the words "Moll", and "Molest" - Being molested is doing something that you don't want to, but must do because of social/commitment reasons. You are doing it against your will to be a good person.

Mollesting is knowingly doing the above to someone.
I was drunk and said i would go out to dinner with sharon, i want to cancel now... but people will call me a dick, i guess i'm being mollested

Simon said that he would go to dinner with me when he was pissed the other night, cant wait to be mollesting
by bigwillyp April 12, 2013
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Adjective. Something white trash, low class and totally pathetic people accuse others of being out of malice when they are too uneducated to know how to spell it and too ignorant and/or lazy to look it up.
They were falsely accused of being child mollesters by the sick fucks whose minds work like that and who should be locked up for thinking things like that in the first place.
by Considerthesources January 12, 2005
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Thinks she Asian but is full white
Proudly represents all of Alabama

Ultra lesbian

In love with her sister but only when outside of Alabama

Still dates dudes but only if they let her bring out her mega dildo
Has 5 rows of teeth that her boyfriend enjoys
Worst softball player at everything except grabbing balls
Got rejected by rio because he already had his sister, Rasheeka, and francheska
Non existent hairline unless you consider the McDonald’s logo a line
Jayda the mollester
by Ur mum gay 6ix 9ine March 22, 2019
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