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A sexual act preformed by a group of men preferably 6 to 9 in a gas station bathroom.
This act is used to release hormones and a population right into a bottle. The steps for performance follow as,
Buy a 2 liter of anything. Drink, or empty the bottle and dispose of lid. Go into the bathroom inside the gas station. All men then stand in a circle and jerk until orgasmic levels are reached. All semen must enter bottle directly. No sticking your tip in, (that's some pussy shit.) Next, find the oldest person in the gas station and force them into the bathroom. Next remove their clothes, and bend them over. While the old person (male or female) is bent over, stick the bottle in their ass. For the last step, all men kick bottle once while it is in their ass. To finish, remove bottle, and make the elder finish the bottle... through their mouth. It might bring them back memories of their childhood.
Yo guys, lets go bottle blast that fine elder within that gas station!
by bigbottledman January 22, 2022
When you're trying to jack off and accidently tangle your tubes in your dick and therefore are stuck with a piss kink.
Guy 1: I've been jacking my meat for an hour wheres the cum?
Guy 2: Oh I think you have a piss kink. You've been touching your dick for too long.
Guy 1: Well shit.
by bigbottledman January 22, 2022
A dark skin person, or, a monkey. Also known as a coon.
Used to describe a stupid nigger that you absolutely hate.
by bigbottledman January 22, 2022