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The man who rose to power in his nation by splooging on everybody and their families. His most famous speech was located on CallMeCarson, in which they praised the Moyai.
Carson: How did you rise to power in your country?
Kim Jong-Splooge: I splooge on everybody else!
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by big boy man March 02, 2019

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When you are playing Kingdom Hearts and you rip a thicc shart out your asshole. Most commonly used when you hit a juul right after you lose it.
*epic backlip* Bro i just copped the phattest Kingdom Sharts last night, thicc man
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by big boy man February 07, 2019

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Mentally retarded child who makes retarded videos. Pretty much just a sped who watches dr. phil all day. This kid spent a whole 10 minutes drinking vanilla almond milk and it did well. What retarded spedophiles watch this kid?
Yo look at the sped Sammelons over there.
oh yea, let's kick his ass
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by big boy man February 14, 2019

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