9 definitions by benito

someone who has sex for money for drugs
(same as crack whore)
She's a skanky crack ho!
by benito January 27, 2003
A highly offensive term referring to a Spanish-speaking person from Mexico, Central or South America, Spain, or Portugal
by benito October 12, 2003
a mean word for hispanics ... came from ppl who cant speak english "i no a spic a englese"
by benito October 12, 2003
It's like the shocker but you have to pot your pinky and your ring finger in the girls butt. The two fingers in the womans vagina are just a normal fingerbanging technique so the real shocking part is the pinky in the butthole. Therefore putting your ring finger and your pinky in the girls ass makes it the double shocker
All the ladies are shocked by the double shocker
by benito October 7, 2004
A person who will
1) start a fight with someone and then run away, saying he da man.
2) start a fight, put up a shitty resistance and then form a collective bootfucking to your ass, from all his townie friends, who in societys lack of the death penatly will live well into old age.
3) Townie rules consist of whatever they see fit, and that usually mean gang beatings.
1) Man this townie just tried to fight me and then tells everyone he won.
2) Fucking townies and their bootfucking shit.
3) Theres like 50 townies outside! sweet.
by benito March 24, 2005
A buttsack is when you staple a mans scrotum over their buttcrack. When you have a buttsack you cant poop and it hurts to sit down because you will sit on your nuts. It is a cruel and unusual punishment.
Bitch get up off me before i staple you a buttsack
by benito October 7, 2004