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To face or have carried out against you capital punishment by electricution.
Ride The Lightning for that deed for shizzle.
by ben newton December 19, 2006
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Those big air filled coats popular with inner city folks that easily make someone appear twice as fat as they are and make it virtually impossible for them to take up only one seat on public transportation.
Damn, that bubble coat took up three seats this morning.
by ben newton December 22, 2006
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Another term for male ejaculation.
I spooze(d)way to early.
by ben newton December 19, 2006
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Those that will set fire to a lot full of new SUV's, releasing the resultant poisonous gases into the local air, in order to save the Earth from(enter the crusade flavor of the day here).
Damn econuts just drove spikes into those old growth trees. I guess they dont figure trees feel pain.
by ben newton December 31, 2006
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Another name for a brick, whole or in part, that one can toss through the plate glass windows of clothing stores in order to gank the latest styles.
I used my (insert favorite store) gift certificate last night, got me these Timberlands.
by ben newton December 24, 2006
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An alcoholic mixed drink favored by urban appalachians .. early times whiskey and ale eight one soda.
ETinaswamp over gin n juice any time.
by ben newton December 16, 2006
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Brand of exspensive clothing offering undergarments and cold/hot/wet weather gear. Great quality and performance.
Just bought some under armor man, best there is.
by ben newton January 01, 2007
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