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The lighting designer's personal slave.
The Lighting Designer sent the Master Electrician to starbucks and made him pay.
by beenabitchoncetoomuch August 14, 2009
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someone who can party all night, smoke two packs a day, drink through a 6 pack, sleep for 20 hours, and then scribble on a pad of staff paper for five minutes and call it a hard day's work.
I'm a composer, I would know.
by beenabitchoncetoomuch August 14, 2009
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The act of filing frivolous lawsuits against neighbors for criticizing ones business practices, tenure on neighborhood associations, or ones stance on outdoor seating at local taverns. May also refer to the act of using degrading names or the doxxing of local elected officials to try to get one's way.
Man, that guy did a complete Runnebaum at the Liquor board meeting for the new restaurant on Cross Street.
by beenabitchoncetoomuch April 21, 2021
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