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artist (ar-tist)
1. Most common definition, a depressed, underpaid, sad person in their early twenties or late teens, although they can be many ages. They cannot afford art supplies, cry themselves to sleep, lack inspiration, and draw about once every 3 full moons. When asked what they want to be, they answer an artist, but they know that like everything else in their miserable lives, that is a lie. They hate their art style although their friends love it, and have no self confidence whatsoever.
2. Anyone who practices a talent involving creating something without outstanding functionality other than to entertain or inspire.

3. Sarcasm used to describe someone lacking skills in art.
1."I am an artist!"
"But you never draw?"
"I know..." (cries in corner)
2. Poets, authors, and dancers deserve the title of artist.
3. "That two year old is a real artist, proper Picasso! Smeared paint all over my new Lamborghini!"
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A mythical creature that disappeared 15 years ago. Only appears during the steamy scenes of movies. When summoned, says, "Hey watchya watching?"
Makes jokes like, "Hey hungry I'm dad."
"Dad, I'm hungry."
"Hi hungry, I'm dad!"
by bee.the.glorious.weedsnack November 12, 2018
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Beyond a simple friend, they are the one that always has your back. Root word is brother which means a male sibling. However, bro can be gender neutral as it is 2019 and who even cares. More impact than using a word such as dude, man, etc. A real one is considered a real bro.
One of your homies that you feel closest to.
Not to be confused with bruh which is used to convey a feeling of shock, surprise, or amazement.
"Bro are you my bro?"
"Of course bro! I'm your best bro!"

"I got you bro."
"Thanks bro!"
"No problem, bro!"

"That man is one of a kind, a real bro."
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A species of bee that is quite soft, fuzzy, and cute. If angered they will consume your soul and banish you to the seventh realm of darkness, but when treated with love they are soft lil flying puppies uwu
"Bro I just saw a bee!"
"Bro what type of bee?"
"A bumblebee bro!"
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the name for an uncommon snack consisting of almonds sandwiched between two pieces of seaweed. I saw it at my friend's house and we agreed that the name was a true bruh moment but the snack tasted good.
"look at this snack I found in my kitchen! It's called weedsnack!"
"Bruh moment"
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He might seem scary at first, but if he invites you to join him from hiding from the man on the roof, accept. It is your only help if you want to stay in this plane of existence. He looks like a shadow but consumes souls of children unlike a common house shadow. If your shadow is consuming children, consult a doctor immediately.
Synonyms: he who dwells under the bed, a true 12=232#$%$## dimension man, candle man negative, stealer of beef and toes, dave
"Hey bro, wanna hide under the bed with me?"
"No thanks, shadow man, for I am too tired."
"But h e is on the roof."
"Oh, ok then."
*joins him under the bed.*
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