47 definitions by bean

A fat baby
was it called? "Baybay"
by Bean February 19, 2004
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what people with real jobs do about 60% of the day;what people with jobs but without a high school diploma do;what someone does when they can't define their occupation.
Usually accompanied with a movement by the first 2 fingers of each hand to show quotation marks

Bob, what are you doing?
Don't bother me, I'm "werking"
by bean February 10, 2003
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Medical care for the cattle kind
This cow needs a hot beef injection quickly
by bean March 05, 2003
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In relation for video games, someone who uses unfair or repetative methods to win a game.
"Man, you're so cheesy!"
by Bean April 01, 2003
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a world unknown either north or south
is it north or south from seattle and do they make their own beer
by bean November 18, 2004
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