3 definitions by bdizzy13

1. A man whose quiet wisdom belies the greatness within
2. Man who invented sex (you're welcome)
3. Created Jor El who created Superman (who has 1/1000000 the power of his grandfather)
"Everybody wants to be like Mike... Kelly"

"Wow you landed a great guy! A doctor astronaut millionaire!"
"Yeah, he's ok... but he's no Michael Kelly"

"Oh god, oh god... I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Michael Kelly!"
by bdizzy13 October 2, 2011
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1. a chest whose size exceeds logical reasoning
2. huge boobs
"Whoa, did you say the Clevidence on that broad!?"
by bdizzy13 October 2, 2011
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1. Not a rude utterance, or misogynistic remark, merely a statement of fact, alluding to the widely accepted and scientifically proven postulate that states women are crazy
2. Usually muttered in the company of women, which creates a hostile response bordering on insanity, thereby proving the theory
Jamie: "I LOVE Glee!"
Matt: "Bitches be crazy..."
Jamie: "What!? Fuck you! I'll cut you you son of a bitch!"
Matt: "Thank you for proving my point."
by bdizzy13 October 2, 2011
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