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pussy lake. Yiddish for cunt or pussy.
Man: You made "mexican gefiltefish" again, ya pizda loich.
Woman: Oh, shutup you schmuck, sit down and eat!
by bajoom July 31, 2005
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A person performing oral sex in a woman. Also known as eating and going down.
guy1: hey, where is Brad?
guy2: he's diving in Susie for almost an hour.
by bajoom July 31, 2005
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A brunette who dye her hair blonde. Usually due to the vain hope of becoming more sexually appealing.
brunette: yuch... you must redye your hair, your roots are all black!
blondette: oh, honey, next time remind me that, don't forget I'm blonde now...
by bajoom August 16, 2005
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Having anal sex. Originated from the fact that in order to remain in their virginity, unmarried women in muslim countraies have only oral or anal sex.
guy1: ya know, that bitch never got her cherry popped.
guy2: naaa...
giy1: yep, she's only doing it turkish
by bajoom July 31, 2005
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