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Slang word for alright
Ya aii?
Do you understand what I say, aii?
by Bahamut January 21, 2005

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A series of role-playing videogames spanning 15 years. There are 12 games in the regular series, and several spin-off games. It also happens to be the best videogame series ever.

Is often referred to as a "nerd" videogame, but the series had sold 40 million titles in the US before the Square-Enix merger. This either means that it's a great game or there are a lot of nerds in America.

There is too much great stuff about the series to put into one definition, so suffice it to say that it is a best-selling game for a reason. The movie sucked and should be ignored.
Person 1: Final Fantasy is a nerd video game.

Person 2: YOU are a nerd video game.
by Bahamut February 18, 2005

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Game in the series for which the terms "fanboy" and "fangirl" were coined.

Before FF7, the series was above criticism, and enjoyed a small, yet loyal fan base. When FF7 was released, all of a sudden, every wapanese child that suffered through high school found a new foothold and began fucking up the internet with their mindless drivel. Most of said children are now adults, have never played any other game in the series, and have moved on to other annoying activities such as cosplay.

FF7 is the worst game in the series. Still, 8 years after its release, my heart still yearns for the days when people that liked anime were completely ostracized, and sat alone at lunch, and the days when nobody had a computer to spew anime/FF7 nonsense all over the non-existent internet.
Forum Moderator: What is everyone's favorite video game?

Animeboy: FF7 omg teh coolest!
Animegirl: FF7 cloud is sooo kawaii!
Hentaiboy: FF7 seffaroth is the baddst!
Hentaigirl: FF7 omg luv lol ._. o_O XD nothign is gretar! ^_^
by Bahamut February 18, 2005

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The Act of Farting or Passing Air out of ones Dick
Man that was a killer Bleeze
by bahamut November 20, 2004

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