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everything in nantucket is THICCCCCC
"woah look at bench its so thic"
"duh because we are in nantucket"
by baguette January 21, 2018

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A two day holiday that is celebrated on August 13th and 14th. Hanajiwewe is a holiday where best friends celebrate all there memories and the gnome of hanajiwewe surprises all best friends. Hanajiwewe is 2 days long in order for one to have a sleepover the 13th with there best friends and then wake up and open presents on the 14th. This holiday is also celebrated without gifts, gifts are just the way it was first done. This holiday was created 2 years ago by a girl named Sydney King. On Hanajiwewe watch out for the gnome because legend says if you are a fake friend he will eat your finger tips
“I can’t wait for Hanajiwewe”

“Me too it’s gonna be so fun”
by baguette August 12, 2019

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