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A person who carries on cell phone conversations in public places in such a loud voice it's as if they're sure everyone just has to be interested in what they're saying.
Even though I was several aisles away in the supermarket, I couldn't help but hear that mobile mouth as clearly as if he were talking to me.
by backinbowl January 19, 2010
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A condition or situation of being known for appearing in a popular television series, and when written off the show readily picked up for other parts due to one's inherent popularity.
Although the actress playing Dexter's girlfriend Rita has been eliminated from the cast of the show through her character's murder, her current outthereness will certainly facilitate her job-hunting.
by backinbowl January 02, 2010
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The act of roommates engaged in ongoing aggressive competition for counter space in a very small kitchen.
After Eric and Phil took on a third roommate, the counter terrorism in the kitchen reached a whole new level of aggravation.
by backinbowl January 28, 2010
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