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In some cases referred to as space rock, a genre of music combining styles of prog, ambient rock, indie, experimental, jazz, psychadelia, and some classical. Often utilizing large bands with diverse instruments including brass, chimes, strings, synthesizers, assorted percussion, and winds, many post-rock bands create a very mellow, atmospheric style of music, often climaxing and making use of tonic/dominant/subdominant patterns in classical music and heavily textured sonic layers. Elements of poetry and science fiction are also often incorperated.
Mogwai, Laika, Tortoise, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Silver Mount Zion
by b1lskirnir April 08, 2005

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Any form of music, usually used to describe any usually overrated band/artist/genre described as "scene" or ending with the suffix "core," used as a negative connotation to indicate their mediocrity in musical complexity, originality, intelligence, talent, etc.
My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Circle Takes The Square, Silverstein, Atreyu, The Used, Hawthorne Heights, 90% of local New Jersey bands, and any bands that call themselves "hardcore" to avoid the connotation of the word "emo."
by b1lskirnir May 05, 2005

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One who constructs or builds musical instruments for purpose of selling, playing, or experimentation. In modern times, luthiers are beginning to experiment with exotic and strange materials and ideas for new musical instruments.
The Blue Man Group are luthiers who make their instruments from materials ranging from PVC pipe to fiberglass.
by b1lskirnir April 29, 2005

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A derogatory name for bands and music relating to the "nu-metal" genre. The expression is supposed to give off the connotation that it is not as heavy as true metal and often made from old, recycled material. However, keep in mind such phrases are commonly misused.
> Holy crap, the new Chevelle CD is out!
> Been listening to too many "rock alternative" radio stations lately? Why don't you go see a KoRn concert when you're done listening to "Wait And Bleed" for the fifty-billionth time?
> Uh... new Metallica is teh r0x0rr!

Poor example:

> System Of A Down is such a generic aluminum band.
> Dipshit, if you knew anything, you'd know their music derives from a culmination of indigenous Armenian styles of music with American post-hardcore and they possess an intellectual and creative edge unseen in almost any other modern metal band.
> Uh... I'm going to go listen to Soil now.
by b1lskirnir March 07, 2005

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an exclamation of pain exerted by an emo kid when stabbed in the throat by an individual of superior musical tastes, generally accompanied by a generic hardcore guitar riff, high-pitched squealing, and a sub-par rhythm section
Dude, I went to waste some kid who couldn't make up his mind between emo and hardcore and I had to listen to him screamo for three goddamn minutes!
by b1lskirnir February 27, 2005

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