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Home of the TV show " The Village". Better then the shore!!! You will never be dissapointed in The Village
Girl 1 : Did you see her last night on Mount Zions " The Village"?
Girl 2 : Shes such a hoe!
by SweetCarolineMTZ December 26, 2011
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A small town off the side of Decatur with a population of near 6,000 people. Quiet place with a lit ass Hucks and other small stores but that's about it, mostly just homes for people to live and a family video for entertainment. The people of Mt ZIon live normal lives while it is quite the show at the Schools, specifically Junior High and the High schools, where nobody can get a girlfriend / boyfriend because everybody of both genders keeps their options open and rejects anybody less than what they're going for because every damn person in the school besides some exceptions are whores, again, both genders. If you were wanting to have a relationship than Mount Zion is not your place, no, you will be quite mistaken to think that these schools are any better than they look. The people here have grown around such a system of cruelty that it would be most impossible to change these poor children's ways of life. A rare case someone moves to MT. Zion and go to our schools, only for some ass to make them jump for joy then brake up with them a month later, almost as if it where to purposely make that student learn our ways and to shame them for wanting to be with somebody for more a few weeks. Pathetic.
"Our private school, Lsa, is nothing like Mount Zion, where all of the thots and jocks hang out.
by James Allen Doedtman Bail April 20, 2018
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