24 definition by az

same as beyatch
Dr. Evil said it in Goldmember while singing his rap song in prison:

"ah crystal, my moto, a couple of bee-hutches, why not?"
by az July 24, 2003

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Vaginal blood.
Oh no! Third week in the month Mary's cooter ketchup is sure to spill and ruin everyone's vacation!!
by AZ August 26, 2003

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Someone, or something, beyond the normal realms of retardation, fotardation, botardation, xtardation. This entity is so supremely "tarded" that it is, in all likelyhood, not real.
The ultimate example clearly derives from Xbox fanboys. My GOD they are quigtarded.
by AZ December 31, 2004

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brother homey Hebrew or Arabic word meaning brother
From "Head of State" Chris Rock's Movie
"Come on Ach, buy some of these porkchops."
by AZ March 04, 2005

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Slang term for a penis. Used in South West Nova Scotia.
"That man has a 10 inch tillywacker!"
by AZ March 17, 2005

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a big piece of ice
by Az November 09, 2003

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it means DAMN! only better
TAMN she has a fat ass
by Az December 10, 2004

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