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When a person undergoes an online makeover by deleting their most active social-networking account (usually FB) only to immediately create a new one with few, if any, improvements/changes. These may include: adopting a clever new pseudonym; cutting down their list of "friends," or acquiring new, better-looking, or "more-connected" friends; putting up newer profile pics which reflect their new look, new friends, or new relationship; or simply a new set of data such as new residence or relationship status
"I haven't heard from Derpette in a while, i wonder if she unfriended me..."
"She got a facebook facelift, now she's called Derpina Angelina Heavensent."
"Yeah, she prolly didn't friend you cause you started calling her Derpette and it stuck."
by avianeddy October 27, 2011
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1) One of many meaningless, substance-free terms created by Rush Limbaugh and parroted by his ditto heads meant to deride the press and scapegoat mistakes by conservatives.

While Rushbo himself never actually defines it (nor can any of his cult devotees), it is implied to describe shallow, sensationalist, sound-byte-heavy news coverage á la Fox News.

2) Scandalous, short attention-span, and often controversial "news" that mostly cover-up, and/or spin for political purposes.

3 ) The Rush Limbaugh Show
Ironically, while constantly blaming the U.S.'s short-comings on the "drive-by media," Rush Limbaugh is in fact the figurehead of that type of news coverage.
by avianeddy June 4, 2009
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What results when easily-herded people gather to protest an issue that is not clearly understood by them. They make unintelligent, or just plain non-sensical "arguments". In a dumbonstration you can see people holding up signs as illogical as "Don't Kill Grandma," or "Get Your Gov't Hands OFF my Medi-Care."

Dumbonstrations are usually, but not always, results of lobbyists or companies with significant interest to push. These vested interests begin an astroturf effort, and recruit people who don't think critically about the issues. Consequently, what should have been a one-voiced demonstration of opposition to a clearly-defined topic devolves into a series of random rants and rambling with no sense of cohesion. Hence, you get comments that vary from the politically incorrect to the downright racist– reflecting the attitudes of the people that comprise the dumbonstration.
A certain non-news TV personalty is encouraging people to gather for what he calls "Tea Bag Protests." These usually devolve into a large, muddled dumbonstration.
by avianeddy November 5, 2009
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Derogatory term for the various xenophobes: Chauvinists, racists, homophobes, etc.

A person who (through ignorance, fear, or hate) regards those outside their own race/gender/religion/class as inferior and acts upon those beliefs by antagonizing or outright discriminating against them.
– I had another fight with my dad! What a @$#% phobo!
– He's old-school, man, don't let it get to you.
– There's no excuse, it's just hateful!
– He picked a fight with the new kid, and was calling him a 'fag'
– What a phobo! And then...?
– The kid was a black belt and pwnd his ass! It was pretty sweet!
by avianeddy July 26, 2011
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From the eponymous company line of products. Saying "Sharper Image" before an item automatically makes it high-end. Usually, it denotes a high-cost but low-value product that, while appeling to rich folk, those who think they're rich, or those who want to live the high-life, was nevertheless manufactured in China like every other product common people buy.

Since the company filed for bankruptcy, the Sharper Image brand has significantly lost appeal, and is now-a-days synonymous with wasting money on over-priced goods.
"I got these Trump Steaks off Sharper Image, they cost me $100 a pound so they must be delicious."
"Fully endorsed by Donald Trump.... Nice! We're gonna make a great impression at the Young Republicans meeting."
by avianeddy June 2, 2009
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