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A word that is used in place of a female name in memes such as the Rage Comics.

Male names are often "Herp" or "Derp".

Other common name in Rage Comics: Derpina
Herp: "Hi, Derpette! How are you?"
by herpette May 13, 2011
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A girl who is basically retarded. If you were to test her IQ it would be around 75 at most...she can never have a real conversation with another person because she is fucking stupid. She is basically a worthless clumsy cunt that needs to be stoned in a public setting. Her family hates her and so do all of her "friends" but really she doesn't have any friends...people are only nice to her because they feel sorry for her...she is the most hated women on the planet.
Me- "Hey Derpette pass me the salt"

Derpette- passes the pepper
by TwitchBrah December 09, 2017
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