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A person that has more leetness than everyone else.
Leonardo da Vinci is the leetest mofo ever.
by av1d November 10, 2006

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The $1 movie bin at Walmart.
A bin at a store that is full of cheap junk.
I got mad noir for 1 dead wash in the ghetto bin at Walmart.
by av1d October 06, 2006

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a $1 bill. Featuring a dead wash.
you can buy 100 sweedish fish wit dat dead wash.
by av1d October 06, 2006

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It's a cross between a tiger and a moron, bred for its special skills in stupidity. A tigon is a ligers bitch. It's often seen in shopping malls casting spells with a Liger.
The tigon ate my baby!
by AV1D March 21, 2007

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It means "out", what did you think it meant?
Czech it aut holmes, more Englysh langauge bastardization fo yo azz.
by av1d October 10, 2006

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