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A cross between a tank and a truck. Most halftracks consist of a large truck frame with two front wheels, but with the rear wheels replaced with tank treads. Halftracks appeared in small numbers at the end of WWI, but found widespread use during the Second World War on both the allied and axis sides, mostly as armored personnel carriers. Some countries still use upgraded surplus versions of these vintage halftracks.
The American M3 series is a good example of a halftrack.
by atomicpacman July 05, 2011

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In the Halo universe, the United Rebel Front is the bane of the UEG and UNSC's existence (prior to the Covenant). As their name implies they are a massive unification of rebel and terrorist groups hellbent on getting the so called outer colonies independence from the Inner colonies. According to Halo lore, the URF was created in 2491 when a UNSC naval commander (illegally) used nuclear weapons to put down a rebellion on the colony Far Isle. The URF uses mostly old, outdated weapons and vehicles bought off the black market, though they occasionally steal or capture weapons, equipment, vehicles or even ships from the UNSC. They have tried to overthrow the governments of at least several colonies including Eridanus II, the homeworld of John-117 (aka the master chief). They fight with guerilla tactics, but almost never really win battles against the UNSC without extreme losses. When the UNSC met the Covenant in 2525, the URF became target practice for the alien invaders and for the SPARTAN-II super soldiers.
The United Rebel Front suffered heavy losses during the liberation of Eridanus II.
by atomicpacman March 12, 2011

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Contrary to what most n00bs tell you, the UEG, not the UNSC is the main human government in the Halo games. Bungie doesn't talk about them much, but they appear to be a democracy lead by a board of leaders, one from each nation on earth. They are an evolution of the U.N, and for that reason, never seem to get anything done. The UNSC is the UEG's military branch, along with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as their intelligence agency and the Colonial Military Administration acting a defensive force for the colonies, much like the modern day U.S National Guard. The UEG uses a currency called Credits, and has an enormous budget, seeing as how there are about 30 Billion taxpayers (prior to first contact at Harvest in 2525). Most of that budget goes toward colonization efforts, while another large portion goes to the UNSC, because those fancy ships like the Pillar of Autumn ain't cheap.
"The UEG are liars. We're next!"-A random civilian on earth

"The Unified Earth Government will protect you. Yeah right"-another civilian

The Warthog is the workhorse of the Unified Earth Government (UEG) armed forces.
by atomicpacman March 12, 2011

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Military slang for triplane. Originally the nickname of the Sopwith Triplane during WWI. The "Tripehound" was so good that the Germans copied it and made the Fokker Dr.1, which was later made famous by the Red Baron.
As soon as the German saw the Tripehound, he knew he was screwed.
by atomicpacman April 08, 2011

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The mainline tank of the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) in the Gears of War series by epic games. The Centaur resembles an M4 Sherman on steroids with its treads replaced by four monster truck tires with four wheel steering. It is designed to be fast and rugged.
The Centaur will own you.
by atomicpacman July 12, 2011

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