Inserting your lower half into another persons anal cavity.
Sally and I were Centauring last night, and she rode me into battle!
by Flipotic February 16, 2015
A girl that looks attractive from the waist up, but has a freakishly wide/large lower body.
Man, that bitch Stephanie is a centaur.
by pog ma hone February 20, 2004
a half human half horse, that simple
a centaur is a human with a horse body fomr below the waist
by Mastikator November 5, 2004
A man built like a male horse from the waist down.
I thought Johnny was a normal man until he took off his pants and I noticed he was a Centaur.
by mayamaya October 29, 2009
1. A mythical creature that has the upper-body of a human and the lower-body of a horse. They tend to be pictured shooting bows and arrows and with braided hair. They are originally a Greek legend. Chiron was a particularly significant Centaur who was intelligent and kind. Other Centaurs are drunkards who tend to be violent when intoxicated. Chiron was very good with medicine and could heal quite well.

2. A derogatory term used to describe a youthful girl who is very elegant in the chest and hips, but not quite so beautiful around her legs and feet.
"Oh no, the centaur killed my baby!"
"Darn, that Mya girl is a real centaur!"
by Nyan! August 20, 2014
A Centaur is a male version of a sexual unicorn, it’s a male that’s in a sexual relationship with couple.
We are looking to a Centaur not a Unicorn to be in a relationship with us.
by Pink Cinnamon September 6, 2019
Typically rare as the Unicorn, Centaurs are athletic & masculine single bisexual males or male couples who roam the swingers lifestyle, and often run wild with a variety of couples and singles, openly or discreetly.
Jane and John had a great time last night and woke up with a couple hot Centaurs in their room.
by Centaur69 May 10, 2021