A cross between a tank and a truck. Most halftracks consist of a large truck frame with two front wheels, but with the rear wheels replaced with tank treads. Halftracks appeared in small numbers at the end of WWI, but found widespread use during the Second World War on both the allied and axis sides, mostly as armored personnel carriers. Some countries still use upgraded surplus versions of these vintage halftracks.
The American M3 series is a good example of a halftrack.
by atomicpacman July 5, 2011
a lightly armored military vehicle having tracks in the rear for power and conventional wheels in front for steering.

this thing owns you, kiddies.
by folken February 5, 2003
A crazy funky dance created by Amos Halftrack. Was first done on April 10, 2011. In order to prepare for this dance, punch or some other liquid must be spilled on the ground so as to make the other person slip in it. Thus creating the image of dancing although it is not. It often ends with the person slamming down onto their bottom with a loud WHOMP sound.
Papa Amos: Hey, wanna dance? There's 'Why Don't We Just Dance' is playing.

Marty: Well, of course. We're gonna have to do the Halftrack Slip here. I'll go get that punch bowl and dump it on the ground. (she takes the punch bowl and pours it on the floor)

Papa Amos: Well, here goes nothing. (He slips and crashes into Sergeant Snorkel who starts laughing at him)

Orville: What is this? This dance looks fun!

Papa Amos: Its the Halftrack Slip. Its the latest craze here at Camp Swampy. Why don't you try it? (he hands Sgt. Snorkel a cup of punch which Sgt. Snorkel pours on the floor)

Stainy: Sweet heavenly angels! This dance is going to slip us all the way back to heaven!

Marty: You're right! We'll be slipping our way through this old swamp until we called up to the Pearly Gates. (she starts rotfl)

Papa Amos: This is more than the Halftrack Slip. Its also the Camp Swampy Stomp!
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 11, 2011
Intense love for Amos and Martha Halftrack. Shown most notably by Bryant Hollifield. One major symptom of Halftrack Fever is going crazy when Marty is seen in a bathrobe or when Amos wears his uniform. This is an intense disease. The only way it can be cured is loving them even more.
Marty: Have a nice day, dear. Hope you don't get Halftrack Fever!

Amos: Oh, put your robe on. I've already got Halftrack Fever.

Marty: (kisses Amos) I know. You've had it for 53 years. There's something about me you love.

Bryant: Its the robe. He loves it when you wear that thing! Even I do. See, there's magic in that thing.

Amos: Yes, you definitely have Halftrack Fever. You can't get enough of Grandma Marty in that robe. Or me in my army suit here. (he leaves)

Bryant: Hey, you want to get all cuddly? This Halftrack Fever is really working now.

Marty: Sure! We'll cuddle all day, honey. Amos is completely gone now. (she kisses Bryant) There's just something about me and you that I love. And its not just the robe. Its the Halftrack Fever. Gooey, sweet, cuddly. You rock!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 2, 2011