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false alarm boner, or FAB, is when someone says or acts seductively, then quickly ends it or sends bad signals
Person 1: Read this status: This sex, is sex, how sex, you sex, keep sex, a sex, dumb sex, ass sex, busy sex, for sex, 20 seconds. Read this again but don't say sex. ;)

Person 2: aw man i seriously had a false alarm boner going for a second

Woman 1: would you like to give my pussy a bath?

Guy 1: oh man, i would love to!

Woman 1: ok good, my cat is very dirty

Guy 1: oh man what a hard false alarm boner
by asssburgers January 30, 2011
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When someone with a steriotypical asian accent says black berry, it sounds like brackberry
Asian #1: Oh hoho rook at my brack berry.
Asian #2: Hoho where you get brackberry?
by asssburgers December 27, 2010
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When the timmy character on the show south park is questioning something, he says timmeh? because the only word he can say is timmy.
Jimmy: Hey t-t-t-tim wanna s-s-s-suck it?

Timmy: timmeh?
Jimmy: Yeah. R-r-r-r-right now.
Timmy: TIMMEH? TIMMEH TIMMEH TIMMEH timmeh? t-timmeh
by asssburgers December 27, 2010
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pronunciation of the words "you asshole" in a ghetto acecent.
Man: woman get over here and make me a sandwich
Woman: no i dont want to
Man: you bitch
Woman: ya asshoe im gonna leave you
by asssburgers August 30, 2010
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When someone with tourettes has an ass-twitch
Tourettes Guy: ASS ASS ASS
by asssburgers December 27, 2010
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before a rapper starts to begin, he or she will sometimes state the fact they they will get the beat ready to rap on. keystone state of mind
its tayyib ali man,
grumble on the beat,
you know what it is
by asssburgers April 30, 2011
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when someone is addicted to making brackets. i.e. SI swimsuit bracket, March Madness Basketball Bracket
A frog: Jesus Christ dude, how many brackets have u done?
A baby: Calm down, only 5 today

A frog: damn fool is a bracketholic
An aborted baby: yup
by asssburgers February 18, 2010
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