11 definitions by asshat

An old word from the lands of HERE. Originally meaning "Get out of my banana hut", it now means "THE BAGPIPES WERE SCREAMING CHICKEN AT THE LITTLE KIDS."
"Hey Look! Its Tellonophonica!
by Asshat January 16, 2005
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see "asshat"
Look out its paul the z3ll
by asshat June 06, 2004
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Its a slang name for a penis. NOT A DILDO!!!
he had a small dong
by asshat January 22, 2003
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That NS guy who asks for man secks, but asks for just a little more.. His spelling skills is the same as a retarded kid in the 3rd grade
Impy is the sort of guy who would fuck a guy in the ass, but wouldnt have the balls to swap over.
by ASSHAT December 07, 2003
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