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Doing "the arcade machine" is the act of Finding a woman/man, bending them over and inserting a quarter into their asshole. Then proceeding to have intercourse with them for up to 25 minutes, or till game over (you finish)

Once the "game" is over, you may move onto the next person, or insert another quarter and play again.
Guy: hey babe wanna try the arcade machine?

Girl: uhhhh what's that?

Guy: *slides a quarter in ass* We playing pole position, and I'm cumming in first place
by asmallchild December 24, 2017
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the time at which your nicotine addiction requires you to, smoke, vape, or pack a lip of chew
usually lunch time. often entails hotboxing a car, blowing smoke tricks, and becoming nic sick

chooch'o'clock is a time to spend with your friends, family, loved ones, and pets.

not to be confused with hooch'o'clock, a time for the consumption of marijuana
guy 1: hey wanna head out for chooch'o'clock?

guy 2: ya bro, how much nic is your juice?

guy 1: 12mg bro!

guy 2: yeah word bro.
by asmallchild December 11, 2017
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