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A word invented by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios, used as a slang term in their 'First-Person Sneaker' release, Thief: The Dark Project (So named because of the games engine, which is simply called 'Dark' because of it's innovative use of light and darkness in gameplay.)

Taffer, insofar as the game environment is defined--is a bastardization of the word 'Trickster', a pagan deity with druidic tendencies. Much in the same way that the interjection 'Geez' in our English language is a bastardization of 'Jesus', the Christo-Catholic Messiah.

No direct denotation is given to the word 'Taffer', but from it's use, we can take it to be synonymous with many different nouns depending on how it's used. It can also be used as a verb:

Thief, Fool, Jerk, Joker, etc.
Noun(1): "Give that back this instant, you taffer!"

Verb(1): "Quit taffing around!"
Verb(2): "You mean he managed to fit -both- his hands up his gaping asshole?! You're taffing me!"
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A, Start.

In the 80s, Konami of America and Japan released many games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Traditionally, programmers would program in hidden 'cheat codes' to help make gameplay easier, which aided especially during late testing periods before commercial launch.

Konami released many popular games on the NES during this era, such as Gradius, Life Force, and Contra. These titles, as well as many subsequent ones, used the same cheat code listed above. Because of it's reoccurence, it became known as 'The Konami Code', and knowing it by heart is one of the trademark signs of a true, old-school gamer.

A common alteration on this code is:
Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right, B, A, SELECT, Start.

Many people mentally add in a 'select' in there for one reason only--on the menu screen, pressing select changed the cursor to '2 players' instead of '1 player'. Contra was always more fun to play with a friend.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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A person who enjoys dressing up in costumes made to mimic anthropomorphic subjects. (See Furry for a definition of Anthropomorphism)

Not all Fursuiters have fursuit fetishes and partake of Fursuitsex.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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The act of sexual activity while dressed in a Fursuit. (See Fursuiter for definition of fursuit, see Furry for definition of anthropomorphism)

A sexual fetish in every sense of the word.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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A person with a very close, often(but not always) times sexual attachment to stuffed animals.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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The common word 'Furry', used as a noun, denotes a furry fan, a person who has an interest or appreciation for furry subjects in art, culture, and literature.

A furry lifestyler, by comparison, is someone who has a deeper connection to the animal of their choosing. Not necessarily to a shamanistic or therianthropic degree, but to a degree where they see their animal containing some qualities as a reflection of themselves in some fashion.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003

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The last gasp before the death of talk radio.
by Ashtar the Fox November 08, 2003

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